2023 Esperanza Awards

Booklet Advertisement 

Advertising in the Esperanza Awards Booklet awards you these benefits

Highly targeted audience: Your ad will reach people who are involved with our community, are decision-makers, and are the people driving the future of our community.

Honoree support: express your appreciation and congratulate the Esperanza Award recipient for outstanding service to the community.

Community support: you will be supporting HLG, a nonprofit organization serving the Hispanic community since 1983; at least 50% of all profits from this event will be assigned to the HLG Scholarship Program.

The advertising deadline is Wednesday, September 22, 2023

Please follow the steps below to purchase a booklet ad.

STEP #1 

Provide information about you and your ad on the form below


Pay with Credit Card 

Select you ad format on the dropdown list below and then click on "Pay Now". You will be redirected to PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to pay  for your tickets. Just select "Pay With Credit Card" when you are redirected to PayPal website.  

or Pay with Check

If you prefer to pay by check please  write a check with the value of your advertisement (see prices below) and sent the check to:

 "HLG, P.O. Box 78386, St. Louis, MO 63178"


Submit your Ad layout

Download the advertisement template by clicking here 

Create your advertisement and send your advertisement file to ea.event@stlhlg.org


At least 50% of the Esperanza Awards will go towards HLG Scholarship Funds