2017 Latinas of Distinction Awards

(Past Event)

On October 13, 2017 The Hispanic Leaders Group of Greater St. Louis organized a ceremony of the “Latina of Distinction” honoring Fifteen Latinas:

  • Dinorah Bommarito

  • Martha Castellanos

  • Carmen Dence

  • Angélica Gutiérrez

  • Carmen Jacob

  • Martha G. Kampen

  • Elena G. Kenyon

  • Sandra Knight

  • María T. Maldonado

  • Linda Mertz

  • Ciléia Miranda Yuen

  • María G. Taxman

  • Cecilia Velázquez

  • Daniela Velázquez

  • Eileen Wolfington

The event was held at the Missouri Athletic Club of downtown St. Louis.

The ceremony recognized Latinas that are making St. Louis region a great place to live by their service to the Hispanic community and personal excellence.