HLG Esperanza Awards

The Anthony B. Ramirez Premio Esperanza (Hope Award) was established by The Hispanic Leaders Group of Greater St. Louis (HLG) in 2003 under the initiative of Anthony B. Ramirez. Initially named Premio Esperanza, its name was change in 2010 in posthumous honor of Anthony B. Ramirez, founder of HLG and creator of the award.


The purpose of the award is to acknowledge those that have contributed significantly to the Hispanic community in such fields as business, community service (health, social welfare, and housing), culture and the arts, education, human rights, and public office.

The award is presented once a year recognizing the service provided by the awardees for a few years and it is given during a special event.


Nominations may be made by individuals, organizations, institutions, and agencies within the greater St. Louis region. Consideration is given to individual/organization’s accomplishments during the previous years. Nominations must address the criteria set forth by HLG’s Board of Directors. Nominations are normally open in August of every year.

Premio Esperanza Committee

A committee consisting of three to five members of the HLG administers the program and considers the nominations. By secret vote, the committee determines the winner(s) and presents its decision to the HLG Board of Directors for its ratification.

Presentation of Award

The award will be presented during a special ceremony which happens in October of every year.

At least 50% of any profit from this vent will be allocated for HLG Scholarships.

Award Inscription

The award’s inscriptions read as follows:

"To you, for giving hope...

To those, seeking change..."

"A Usted por impartir Esperanza...

A esos que buscan Cambio..."

List of past Awardees


Sal Valadez (Community Services) Liuna 110


Cancelled due COVID-19 crisis


Carmen Dence (Community Service) Grupo Atlantico


Jorge Riopedre (Community Service) Casa de Salud


Not awarded. Latinas of Distinction event held.


Richard (Ricardo) Vogt, S.J. (Community Service) Our Lady of Guadalupe


Antonio (Tony) Maldonado (Community Service) Civic Leader


Hon. Charlie S. Dooley (Public Service) St. Louis County


Eileen Wolfington (Community Service) Casa de Salud


Anna Crosslin (Community Service) International Institute St. Louis


Robert (Bob) Fox (Community Service) Civic Leader


Guillermo A. Rodríguez (Community Service) Webster University


Jaime Torres (Community Service) ERIBEC & Associates


Hon. Maria Chappelle-Nadal (Public Office) State of Missouri Representative

Hon. Timothy (Tim) Flook (Public Office) State of Missouri Representative


Anthony B. Ramirez (Community Service) Anthony B. Ramirez, P.C.


Rafael Nun Marín (Business) President, HCCMSL (US Bank Manager)


Domingo Martínez (Education) Cambio Center, UM - Columbia

María Virginia Braxs (Community Service) Washington University in St. Louis


Susana Hamilton (Culture and the Arts) Arts & Treasures from Latin America


Marvin G. Kanne (Community Service) St. Louis Post-Dispatch

C. William Chignoli (Community Service) Acción Social Comunitaria – La Clínica